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Magic Sweets!

Hi everyone!

You’re task this week is to imagine that you have just asked Harry Potter if you could sit down in his carriage as there’s no where else to sit. What would you say to him? How are you feeling knowing that he’s famous? What magical sweet would you share with him? What magic does the sweet entail?

Write for me a couple of paragraphs using all of the descriptive writing we have been using in our English lessons (relative clauses, noun phrases, ed starters, speech-ON A NEW LINE, personification, similes and metaphors).

Happy Writing! I look forward to reading them.

Mrs Cooper.

Captain Conjecture says…

Prove It
What goes in the missing box?
12?2 ÷ 6 = 212
14 ?4 ÷ 7 = 212
22 ?3 ÷ 7 = 321.6
323 x ?1 = 13243
Prove it.

What could the missing number be? You need to make a 4 digit number. Remember you can use the inverse of division to help you. Explain your answers in full sentences.
Good luck!

Mrs Cooper.

Writing Opportunity

Hi Everybody!

After watching the video clip ‘Eye of the Storm’, we thought it would be great for you guys to write about another section of the film. It would be great if you could write about what’s in the box that the mysterious character drops? The link to the video is at the bottom. If you watch up to 2 minutes (where the the box is dropped) and then write about the following;

1. What’s in the box?

2. Why does the character drop the box over the edge?

3. Where does it land?

4. Does somebody pick it up from below?

Be very creative and remember to use all the descriptive writing you have learnt so far.

Mr Carr and Mrs Cooper

Parents Support

Dear Parents,

Following parents evening, here is some support which you can use to go through with your child.

Spellings-The children will be bringing home their spelling log books on a weekly basis. The words that are logged are all the words that the children have misspelt and need revising/learning. It is important that the children learn these words on a daily basis and bring the log books to school every day, so that they can log any other words that are misspelt in their work.

P.E.E- When the children are answering questions relating to the text they need to be able to explain their answers clearly. One really effective way of doing this is to use P.E.E=Point, Evidence, Explain. The children need to state their point, back it up with a piece of evidence and then explain it. Below is a useful link which you can go over with your child. 

Maths-Firstly, the ‘MyMaths’ homework can only be completed on a laptop or computer. Kindles, phones and tablets don’t work as they require flash player, which is not supported on most devices. If your child is having any issues they are more than welcome to complete the tasks set at school.

In terms of other useful sites to help support your children with their times tables and general maths please see the list below.

Any issues please get in touch.

Kind Regards

Mr Carr and Mrs Cooper