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Year 4 – What did the Romans do for us?

As part of our context for learning in the autumn term the children will be taking part in a Roman Workshop on Wednesday 23rd September.

The workshop will be one of our ‘mini WOW’ sessions and help to immerse the children in our first context; it will be provided by the Museum of Wigan Life –

During the workshop the children will take part in a range of activities including exploring Roman artefacts and coins. Links with how the Romans impacted on Wigan will also be explored.

We are sure that it will be a valuable experience for the children, and thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Johns, Mrs Bell & Mr Thompson

Year 4 Team

Roman Empire Day

Wow, what a fantastic time we all had on our Roman Empire Day including finding out why the Romans invaded Britain and imagining that we were marching back to Rome after conquering another country to expand the Roman Empire.  Photos of our super day will follow.

Thanks to all the parents/guardians for the amazing costumes.

The Year 4 Team

Why did the Romans invade Britain?

On our Roman Empire Day we would like to find out why the Romans wanted to expand their empire by invading Britain.  Take a look at the following links to find out why.

Why did Julius Caesar come to Britain? use or

The Roman Invasion of Richborough and the reliability of sources or The first video tells of the 1st and 2nd invasions, the second tells of the 3rd invasion that enabled the Romans to invade Britain.

  • Why do you think the Romans invaded Britain? What were there reasons?
  • The Romans and Celts saw things in very different ways.  How did they differ in their thinking?

Mr T

Roman Names for Empire Day


As you know we are having our Roman Empire Day on Wednesday 9th September. We would like you to create your very own Roman name for the day. Please share them on this blog by replying.  To create your Roman name you need to follow the instructions below.

  • If you are a boy, you use your own name and add ‘us’ onto the end.  For example if your name is Benjamin your Roman name would be Benjaminus.
  • If you are a girl, you use your fathers name and add ‘ia’ onto the end.  For example if your fathers name is Mark then your Roman name would be Markia.

Looking forward to reading your Roman names.

Mr Thompson

Year 4 Roma Day


Well, the Year 4 team think that we have had a very enjoyable and productive day so far creating our very own version of Roma (Rome), but what do you think about your first day in Year 4.

  • Was it what you were expecting?  Why?
  • What have you enjoyed the most? Why?
  • Do you know any facts about Rome?
  • If we could make something else for our area linked to Rome, what could we make and why?

Can’t wait to read all of your ideas, please remember to use capital letters and full stops.

Mr T, Mrs B, Mrs P & Mrs J